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Sponsor spotlight: New clinic addresses sexual health for men and women - My Edmonds News Sex has always played an integral role in our psyches and senses of well-being. But it's only been recently that we have been able to more openly discuss issues regarding sexuality.

It only takes a moment of reflection to understand how sex has influenced us. In spite of this enormous influence and impact, most communication about sex is fed to us by the popular media, which is intended to influence our spending. The ability discuss personal sexual issues lags far behind. It has only been in recent times that we have acknowledged the impact of sexual trauma in our lives and culture, as evidenced by the "Me Too" movement. It is only now that we, as a culture, are taking steps to correct and try to prevent such transgressions.

Previously, there have been two developments that have increased our ability to address physical sexual health in our later years. The first is the advent of hormone replacement therapy, which allows a longer period of time in our lives to remain sexually active and enjoy it. The other advancement is what is generically called 5-phosphodiesterase (5PD) drugs, such as Viagra. These have allowed a large number of men to continue to be sexually active.

Our new clinic, a first of its kind, was developed to address a wide scope of how sexuality blends into our lives, as well as address the physical anatomical aspects of sexual health.  At Seattle Sexual Health Clinic, a group of primary care providers have expanded their scopes to more fully address sexuality in both the physical and psychological realms.  Newer technologies have afforded treatment for previously unmanageable sexual dysfunction. With more solutions available, it is time to address issues of sexuality more openly.

A common cause of sexual dysfunction is painful intercourse. After a drop in female hormone levels a thinning of the vaginal lining occurs. Among the new technologies available at the clinic is a treatment called the Mona Lisa[1]. A CO2 laser used to rebuild the thinning lining of the vagina. It is a painless procedure that builds up the lining of the vaginal wall, which restores the pH of the environment as well as allows the return of the cells to their previous compositions. An added benefit of the natural buildup of tissue is a decreased incidence of urinary incontinence or leakage.

Another common complaint is erectile dysfunction. Many men cannot or will not use the 5PD drugs like Viagra to treat ED. Although there are many factors that can restore the ability for erections, [2]an especially new technology called acoustic shockwave therapy[3] is used to induce new blood vessel growth in the penis. Another technology uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) to induce new blood vessel growth.

Helping people develop a healthy sexual life for our patients is the goal at Seattle Sexual Health Clinic.  At our clinic, we address not only physical problems but emotional issues that get in the way of a healthy sexual life. We collaborate with other professionals including psychotherapists, physical therapists and acupuncturists to achieve that goal.

— By Fernando Vega, MD

Learn more [4]about more symptoms and conditions that may be effectively treated by MonaLisa Touch laser therapy, contact the sexual health and wellness experts at Seattle Sexual Health Centers to request a confidential consultation. Consultations may be covered by insurance.

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— By Fernando Vega, MD


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